Pray where you are

     A church can be a perfect place to pray – the peace, the candlelight, the music… But it can also be the worst; we might feel awkward, embarrassed – uncomfortable in our own skin. What God values above all else is that we are truthful and honest with him, and if our experience of church is that we feel like we have to be someone else, then this goes against what Jesus asks of us.

     When we pray – it’s not the place, or whether we have our eyes shut and our hands folded that matters – it’s what’s in our hearts.

     We can close our eyes at any time and in any place and we will be in the presence of a powerful and Holy God. No church, priest or special words required. It means you can pray in your bed, out walking, on the bus, on your own, with a crowd, looking at a beautiful sunset…

     Open your heart and let Him in.