Vision Plan

Trinity Lutheran Church – Vision Plan

Growing on Broadway 2016-2020

Dream with me for a minute.

Dream of 2016 and beyond! Included below is the “edited rough draft of the 1st draft” of an updated vision plan for 2016-2020. I would encourage you to take a look at this 1st draft and while you do, think about these questions:

  1. What’s good about this?
  2. What’s missing?
  3. What would you not include?
  4. Does this accurately represent the ministry goals of Trinity Lutheran today?

Think about it, take notes, make edits, talk about it with others. And then let me know what you think!…………………………………..-Pr. Rachel

[spacer height=”20px”]Our Core Values


     Stewardship is everything we do after we say we believe. It is how we care for all we have been given. Most importantly, we have been named, clamed, and loved by God, and have been tasked with being stewards of the Kingdom of God to one another and to our community.


     God desires to bring all creation home again. As stewards of God’s creation, we are called to create places of belonging, where all have a place to call home. When we have places of belonging and home, we might dare to grow in God’s love.


     We value God’s transformative work among us. We expect that God moves among us, disrupting and disturbing us, shaking us out of comfort and into transformation for the sake of the Kingdom. The Good News of Jesus and the call of the gospel changes lives, starting with our own.


The world God has created is both magnificent and diverse. As one expression of God’s creative work, Trinity Lutheran strives to manifest in our life together the vast array of God’s handiwork. We seek to be a community that reflects the diversity of the neighborhood to which we have been called.

Our Vision

  1. Spiritual Growth – In 2020, we are a people committed to Spiritual Growth. We are alive with people growing in and being transformed by faith. And we are nurturing our Spiritual Growth through:
    • Vibrant Worship. We will explore new ways to worship together and pray for God to invigorate old ways.
    • Prayer. We are a people rooted in prayer. Prayer is an integral part of all we do and the basis for all our decisions together.
    • Reading the Bible. In the last four years, we have grown in our biblical literacy and comfort with reading the bible.
    • Community Together. We are community together, building new relationships and deepening old friendships, for the sake of growing in faith together.
    • Faith in Daily Life. Together we are asking hard questions and exploring what it means to be a follower of Jesus in our day to day lives.
  2. Involvement – In 2020, we are a people who are actively engaged in our faith community as well as our neighborhood, reaching in and reaching out to build places of belonging. We are growing our involvement through:
    • Mission Hub. All members of this community are living out lives of faith through service in some capacity, either individually or through a ministry of Trinity.
    • Community Relationships. We will explore ways to get to know the other members of our Broadway commuity and through our growing relationships, learn how we might better care for and serve our neighbors.
    • Talent Bank. We will work together to better identify, nurture,and use the vast array of gifts and talents present within this faith community.
  3. Collaboration – In 2020, we are a people who thrive in collaboration with our neighbors and other partner organizations. Together, we are a more complete reflection of the Kingdom of God. We are growing our collaborations through:
    • Youth Faith Development. With Resurrection and other potential congregational partners, we will continue to nurture the faith formation of our youth through confirmation, VBS, youth camps, Sunday School, and other programs.
    • Our building. We will continue to explore ways to better utilize our building in service of our life and ministry together.
    • Workcamp 2017 and beyond.  In conjunction with other community partners, we will work to bring workcamp back to Green Bay.
  4. Nourishment – In 2020, Trinity Lutheran Church will be a place where people are nourished in mind, body, and spirit. God has gifted us greatly and we are called to use those gifts to nourish others. We nourish others through:
    • Feed the hungry, cloth the naked.  Our Food Pantry continues to serve and works in even greater collaboration with other organizations to maximize our service potential. We are exploring ways to continue growing in our capacity to serve.
    • Care of the Earth. As a faith community, we take seriously our call  to serve as stewards of creation, so that all life might flourish.
    • Healthy communication. We will continue to engage our community and our world through whatever means we are able. We will explore how to better utilize all forms of communication, including print, electronic, online, and social media.